Chewing Gum Removal

Efficient chewing gum removal in Merseyside

Need to remove chewing gum from pathways or shopfronts? Contact Advanced Ground & Gutter Cleaning (AGGC) in Merseyside today.

Remove chewing gum around your business premises

Casually discarded chewing gum effects the appearance of your property or business. At Advanced Ground & Gutter Cleaning (AGGC) in Merseyside, we provide effective chewing gum removal services. We implement a highly efficient, non-hazardous I-Gum Removal machine. It uses a neutral-pH non-bio hazardous liquid to remove the patches of chewing gum trodden on to your entrance mats, paths, driveways, shop fronts, carpets or mats. Get in touch with our expert cleaners today!
surface cleaning

We can remove chewing gum from:

  • Wall surfaces
  • Stone surfaces
  • Brick and concrete surfaces
  • Asphalt
  • Tiled surfaces
  • Carpets

Effective way of removing chewing gum

We implement a high-quality equipment to detach the chewing gum from the surface. It's a self-contained unit that doesn't require electric cables or water. The chewing gum removal operation can be completed with little impact on the running of your business. In addition to chewing gum removal, we can also provide roof cleaning and driveway re-sanding.

So Impressed

"This has been the best driveway clean we have ever had - and for much less money than we have paid in the past. 
Service was quick, everything was cleaned up afterwards and we're really pleased with the result"

- FelicityH-4
We can remove chewing gum promptly and efficiently.
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