Re-Sanding and Sealing

Driveway resealer in Merseyside

Is the surface of your driveway showing signs of wear and tear, fading or just generally dirty with weeds, moss and algae? Does your driveway need resealing? Contact Advanced Ground & Gutter Cleaning (AGGC) in Merseyside.

Improve the surface of your driveway

With time, the surface and block paving of your driveway fades away and becomes dirty. The blocks and sand-filled joints are porous and thus requires regular maintenance. It often looks dirty with the growth of weed and moss between the joints. Our team offers to clean the blocks effectively, sweep new kiln-dried sand into the joints and seal them with 2 coats of a special sealant. Additionally, a weed killer can also be applied at the joints to inhibit weed growth. Get in touch with our team today for further details about our driveway resealer.

Our imprinted concrete service:

Imprinted concrete is a popular choice for driveways and patio’s because it is very hard-wearing. Heres a insight into the process:
  • Pressure wash the area thoroughly using the powerful Honda Powered Slip Stream Pro 20x.
  • After the area has completely dried, any cracks larger than hairline can be filled with a Crack Repair Compound.
  • Usually, two coats of a special sealant is all it takes to restore the surface to looking ‘like new’ again. If we think it necessary, a colour tint can be added to the sealer to restore the colour closer to its original level, although using a colour tint is not always required.
  • A worthwhile and low cost extra service we offer is the addition of an anti-slip additive to the top coat of sealant. Imprinted Concrete can be slippery when wet and this provides extra grip to the soles of footwear, whilst remaining invisible to the naked eye.
Take a look at our video on how resealing can leave you driveway or patio looking as good as new!
When properly laid and in very good condition, a block-paved drive or patio makes for a very smart exterior surface, which will compliment any home. However, as the blocks are quite porous and the sand-filled joints are obviously the same, it’s also a surface which requires regular maintenance, otherwise it will look dirty with weeds and moss growing in between the joints.
Our solution is to clean the blocks properly once, sweep new kiln-dried sand into the joints and seal the area with two coats of special sealant.

Fabulous work - Commercial High Level gutter cleaning

"As a charity we were looking for a company that would accomodate weekend working and provide a very competitive quotation. AGGC were able to match both requirements. The scope of work was fairly large as we had not had our gutters cleaned at the Peace Centre in 15 years and in some areas were completely blocked. Andy and his team did a fabulous job, really professional, tided up after themselves and did a sterling job of clearing and cleaning the gutters. Would highly recommend"

- KarenM-255
For driveway re-sanding or resealing,
call Advanced Ground & Gutter Cleaning (AGGC) in Merseyside on
07565 208 494

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